Class Descriptions:

Recreational Levels 1

These levels are designed to be used as an introductory/ recreational program. It provides a non-competitive, achievement-oriented program of basic skills and progressions. This developmental program includes exercises in the areas of basic gymnastic skills, conditioning and flexibility. A minimum proficiency should be achieved in all areas to ensure a safe and successful experience.

Level 1: (1 hour class)

Cost: $75 per  (4 wks)

It is the beginner level of our recreational program. It will introduce the beginning, basic skills on the four Olympic events (Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor).

The class will also incorporate fitness, flexibility, and strength exercises.


Our goal for our cheer and tumbling program is to provide a safe, fun and challenging environment to learn basic to advanced tumbling skills. We believe in teaching our tumbling skills with the proper progressions and technique by incorporating various drills and basic skill development, as well as increasing the strength, flexibility, and fitness level of our students.

Beginner Tumbling (1 hour class)

Cost: $75 per  (4 wks)

This class will work various basic tumbling skills all the way up to back handsprings.

The focus will be on proper technique and progressions to enable the students to continue on to more advanced tumbling skills.

Intermediate (75 min class)

Cost $80 per (4 wks)

This class will focus on increasing power, technique & developing higher level of tumbling skills.

All students must be able to do back handspring by themselves.

Advanced (1 1/2 hour class)

Cost $85 per (4wks)

This is a more advanced tumble class for those that have backhandspring by themselves.

Class will incorporate proper drills, progressions, and focus on higher level tumbling skils such as

back tucks, layouts, fulls, whip backs, and front tumbling.


Our preschool classes learn more than just gymnastics!! We have weekly themes that are used to help create a unique atmosphere and learning environment.During classes they will do lots of gymnastics and motor skills, but will also learn about colors, shapes, counting, body awareness, fitness, and much more!!! Our preschool classes are held in their own area with equipment for their size and development.

Our preschool classes are divided by age group:

2 years old-Mom & Me

50 minute class  Cost: $50 per month

This is a Mom & Me class.

The children will learn very basic gymnastics skills; body positions as well as activities that will help develop motor skills.

They will be introduced to various gymnastics equipment and mats.

3-4 years old

50 minute class Cost: $70 per  (4wks)

This class will teach basic gymnastics skills, and continue to develop gross motor skills and body control.

They will be introduced to more gymnastics terminology and do more skills independently.

Boys Beginning Gymnastics

Cost: $80 per (4wks)

Our boys class will learn basic tumbling skills, as well as various fitness exercises to improve overall physical fitness.

This class will teach boys valuable skills that are essential for all sports, such as balance, flexibility, agility, and increase strength.

The boys will use trampoline, climb the rope, do plyometrics, pull-ups, sit-ups, cartwheels, handstands, and much more!!!