Class of: 2019

Skills Training for 2017 Season:

  • Vault: Yurchenko Layout Full
  • Uneven Bars: Tkatchev, Ray, Toe-on to handstand 1/1 and Double Layout Dismount
  • Balance Beam: Side Aerial, Switch split leap+ switch split leap, switch split leap 1/2, tuck jump 1/1
  • Floor Exercise: Full in Pike, Double Layout,  back layout 3/2+ front layout 1/1, front layout+ front layout 1/1

Samantha Seymour

Class of: 2020

Skills Training for 2017 Season:

  • Vault: Yurchenko layout, Yurchenko tuck 1/2
  • Uneven Bars: Shoot over, toe- shoot, full in dismount, stalder, Shaposhnikova
  • Balance Beam: BHS- Layout Stepout- Layout Stephout, Switch+ Switch 1/2, Switch + Switch+ Back Tuck, 2/1 dismount, split full, front aerial+ BHS+ Layout Stepout
  • Floor Exercise: Double Pike, 1 1/2 front layout, 2 1/2, full in tuck, 2 1/2 punch front, front layout/ front full

Arayah Simons