Karen Cooper: Team Coach (Levels 1-2-3)
Karen is one of our team coaches that bring a great deal of experience. She has instructed dance and tumbling from 1987-1990 at New Paltz school of Ballet. Coached at Arts Community Gymnastics from 1992-2016. During her time their she also coached at New Paltz Varsity team, tumbling at Madeline's dance center, tumbling at Sharon Mitchell's Performing Arts center. Karen Also worked full time at Kennett's school of gymnastics. During her tenor at Kennett's she coached everything from Parent Tot to Optional girls.  Karen has coached Optional gymnastics for 17 years and was director of PreTeam/Accelerated program until moving to Georgia in 2016.She has coached multiple state and regional qualifiers in New York.

Kenneth Cooper: Team Coach (Levels 1-10, Advance Tumbling)
Kenneth is one of our team coaches that works with our boys and girls. He started gymnastics and dance at the age of 3. He competed at both gymnastics and dance until he was 16 and finished at level 8. He has coached at Arts Community Gymnastics in New Paltz, Kennett's Gymnastics and dance in Goshen. Kenneth has coached children all ages both recreational and team. He has coached level 1-9 team girls. Kenneth has also coached boys competition gymnastics. He has extensive dance background to enhance the girls gymnastics routine and tumbling coaching. Kenneth has coached multiple state and regional qualifiers in New York.

Sarah: Team Coach ( Optionals + Levels 4-5)
Sarah is one of our team coaches. Sarah was a team coach at Capital Gymnastics National Training Center in Virginia for 2 years. Sarah began gymnastics at the age of 3 and competed up until she was 16 as level 9 gymnast. Sarah then started her professional gymnastic career as a compulsory and optional judge.She was also dancing for a professional ballet company Asaph Dance Ensemble. Sarah has her Bachelors in Music Theatre with minors in Dance and Music. She has worked coached at numerous gyms in Virginia as well as choregraphed JO, Xcel and college routines. She has coached girls from USAG JO, Xcel and help them reach their goals of state, regional and national champions. She is excited to share her passion with all the children at All American family. 

Marissa Simerly: Team Coach ( Levels 1-2, Xcel and Recreation)

Anne:  Team Coach (Xcel,Tumbling and Pre-Team)

John: Team Coach  ( Xcel and Recreational Coach)

Christina Fisher: Owner/ Coach

A mother of a competing daughter all her life. I have experienced the start from taking my daughter to her first Y gymnastic lessons to more advance gymnastics lessons at AAG. I have being through all the problems that every gymnastic parent experiences practice, competitions, coaches , injuries, etc. I have tried to litigate some of those problems at this gym and make it a place for all the family to enjoy. Here at AAG we are family as our daughters and sons spend numerous hours at the gym or on the road competing. I enjoy watching all the girls and boys from Kinder bears for their first time or Level 10's with years of experience push themselves and have fun doing it.