Coaching Staff

Sarah Capen: Head Coach
Sarah is the team head coach of our women's artistic program. Sarah was a team coach at Capital Gymnastics National Training Center in Virginia before moving to Savannah. Sarah began gymnastics at the age of 3 and competed up until she was 16 as level 9 gymnast. She then started her professional gymnastic career as a compulsory and optional judge. Upon retiring as a gymnast, Sarah danced for a professional ballet company, Asaph Dance Ensemble. She graduated from Sweet Briar College with degrees in Musical Theatre, Music, and Dance. She has worked with numerous gyms in Virginia as well as choregraphed JO, Xcel and college routines. She has coached girls from USAG JO and Xcel team to help them reach their goals of state, regional and national champions. She is excited to share her passion with all the children at our All American family.

Tasha Walker: Team Coach
Tasha is one of our xcel team coaches. She has 17 years experience coaching all levels from recreational to high level Junior Olympic gymnastics. Tasha is a former elite gymnast from California, where she started her coaching career. She is excited to share her passion for gymnastics with all of the kids at AAG.

Anne Norris:  Team/Rec Coach
Anne is our pre-team coach, she has been working here at AAG for the last few years. She has experience coaching everything from our beginning recreational classes to our more advanced Xcel teams. She did competitive cheer all 4 years of highschool, after graduating she was a junior coach helping with recreation cheer at Welcome All Park. She also was a tumbling coach for CEA (Cutie Extreme All-Star). Anne keeps a fun, safe, and educational environment for our rec and pre-team programs.

John Kolarik: Team Coach 
John is one of our team coaches, as well as our equipment manager. John comes from upstate NY, where he coached at Tweeds Gymnastics. He has been coaching team boys and girls levels 4-7 since 2013. John has been an athlete himself his whole life, and knows what it takes to bring success to our gymnasts. He is excited to bring his experience and positive attitude to AAG.

Rachele Terranova: Team Coach
Rachele is a team coach here at All American. She danced from the ages 4-16, practiced gymnastics ages 8-10 and began cheerleading at 8. She competitively cheered until she was 18 along with participating in Varsity track and field throughout highschool. Rachele started coaching gymnastics as an assistant at the age of 12 for recreational classes. When she was 14 she started to assist in coaching Xcel and levels 1-6 team, then at 16 she began to fully coach both teams, specializing as a tumbling coach. Since then, she has run summer gymnastics camps, coached boys gymnastics ages 5-8, taught mommy & me, preschool classes, recreational, Xcel, and levels 1-6.

Christina Fisher: Owner

A mother of a competing daughter all her life, she has experienced the start from taking her daughter to her first Y gymnastic lessons to more advance gymnastics lessons at AAG. She has been through all the problems that every gymnastics parent experiences; practice, competitions, coaches, injuries, etc. Christina has tried to litigate some of those problems at this gym and make it a place for all the family to enjoy. Here at AAG we are family as our daughters and sons spend numerous hours at the gym or on the road competing.

"I enjoy watching all the girls and boys from Kinder bears for their first time or Level 10's with years of experience push themselves and have fun doing it."